i believe in miracles, mermaids and unicorns :) there will always be a rainbow after a storm|| the same goes with life|| a fav. quote of mine: “Things don't go wrong and break your heart so you can become bitter and give up. They happen to break you down and build you up so you can be all that you were intended to be.”
― Charlie "Tremendous" Jones||

hi im nouey her, thanks for dropping by & do say hi

Couple days ago while waiting at school to be picked up this friendly squirrel decided to friend zone me. Literally stared straight at me for quite a few seconds asking for a selfie lol. Right when im about to take its picture it turned. Ugh. But t huh is squirrel was so close to me maybe a foot or two away only.

Im sorry but being the person that I am I dont tolerate fake friends. I do everything for them but at the end they end up being shady and stupid. Cut off ties with me after what I’ve done for them then years later they apologize!! Like wthell!! No one done shit to you for you to act all shady and arrogant. Be my guest but you been in the unfriend zone for two years already!!!! Have a goodnight :)

I like to start out my spring break with Chris Evans hehe he’s a heartbreaker :)
Oh Chang Min how can you be so cute and wise at the same time. He sure know whats up lol ♡♡♡♡ take notes men hehe jk
I just got home from watching my dream man. As of right now I’m having Chris Evans fever lol. That man is just amazing and gorgeous. A very talented actor. I love the movie and his acting. Thumbs up to Captain America The Winter Soldier :)
Ahaha I’ve been grumpy for the past few days. This week is like a killer to me. Everything is being and due all at the same time before Spring Break. This is how I feel about my professors assigning more work!!

Sometimes being alone is great. I get to think deeply and passionately about life. For example like the path I am taking. What it holds for me is unknown but all I know is that someday everything will fall in place! You’re never forever alone status. You just like to think deeply and passionately by yourself. Remember that friendlings :)

When im upset/sad/emtional or just really sensitive my kpop makes me happy. They make me daydream of being in a kdrama with a super hot male lead actor like Lee Jong Suk or Choi Jin Hyuk ahaha. Daydreams?? Amazing how they work. Anyways I’m walking to class at this moment listening to Super Junior “my love for you” then I have a 7 long hour shift today. Yay!! :( well happy monday everyone

If your friend dates your ex is that okay or not?

24. March 2014

Just a question I’m curious about. Because honestly I don’t care and I don’t mind. People fall in love for numerous of reasons and they fall out of love for numerous of reasons as well. There was a point in your life that, that person meant the world to you and there’s also a point in your life that person will become a complete stranger to you. Whom ever that person fall in love with you have no control over it. This is just my opinion. If you’re curious as well comment below…i want to know what your input is. 

my new jam while studying for midterms :) good luck everyone on midterm 

These cabochons are so cute. I think I just found myself a new hobby to enjoy :) can’t wait to start making these!