i believe in miracles, mermaids and unicorns :) there will always be a rainbow after a storm|| the same goes with life|| a fav. quote of mine: “Things don't go wrong and break your heart so you can become bitter and give up. They happen to break you down and build you up so you can be all that you were intended to be.”
― Charlie "Tremendous" Jones||

hi im nouey her, thanks for dropping by & do say hi

Hello my dear followers,

It’s been quite awhile hasn’t it?? Lol. School and work been kicking my butt but I promise not to neglect so much abt posting. I will try harder. Anyways it’s 11:11 pm make a wish 😝 I hope everyone is having a fantastic night. Party it up for the weekend but always remember to be safe. Until next time stay awesome 😊

Ive been eating Nd drinking good lately. One of my fav drink ever at Elephant Bar. 👍👍

Anonymous said: what does it taste like?

Idk it’s kinda hard for me to put it into words except that it’s really good. It’s basically frozen milk that’s shaved so it has a very soft texture. It comes with a syrup which I chose condense milk and the topping is whatever you want. It’s kinda like Korean shaved ice dessert or snow cone if it’s easier to understand what I’m saying lol. Try it if there’s any close to you. Definitely worth trying Nd investing 👍✌👌

Yogurt land 😝😋🍨🍧🍦👏👍✌
Jojo yogurt 💕🍧🍨
Bc I’ve been down lately mi sweetheart bought these beautiful flowers to cheer me up. They are absolutely fabulous!  Thanks love ♡♡♡♡♡
A moment to breathe in this feeling that I am feeling. This feeling of freedom, joy and relief! Take me back there again.
Chicken Marsala my favorite at Elephant Bar ♡♡
Patbingsoo to satisfied this thirst of mine in Central Valley! :p
I like to eat good food :)
I’ve been falling head over heels for this man! My Ji Ho ♡♡

WheeSung comeback. Totally love it. Check it out if you haven’t chingus :) “Night and Day”